Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Shooting Video

Just adding up to our shooting adventure. A video was taken yet I was not able to load it here. So here's the video:

Not to be outdone, here is my buddy Leo,

Well, I am back in Cebu right now and will be in Cagayan by next week. Hope to be able to take some photos from there....

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Night In Kidapawan's Grand Ficus Hotel

restaurant at Ficus Hotel

If you have been following my blog, you will surely know that I am now in Kidapawan and my previous post was the firing activity that we did. Well, though I have posted this late, after the firing activity, we stayed in our room to relax and wait for evening to come. I would have wanted to sleep, but I do not have the habit of sleeping in the afternoon. So by 3 in the afternoon, I took my favorite snacks.. a cup of coffee outside my room.

Truly Kidapawan City always have this normal drizzle of rain usually in the afternoon, most of time. It might be because of the trees in the area that always provide the cooling effect within the surrounding. I took a couple of shots on some nearby flowers and plants, just to see if I have improved my picture taking abilities... this is what I got... well, whether you like the picture or not, it truly proves that the drizzle was there proving once again that Kidapawan City is obviously cool.

So evening came, we proceeded to Grand Ficus Hotel where we had our dinner in one of the cottages near the poolside. The place is eventually great and is indeed a good place to relax and unwind...

rooms at Ficus Hotel

one of the cottage near the swimming pool

the swimming pool

the restaurant... a closer look

Well, If you happen to pass by Kidapawan and would want to stay, you can surely check out the place. Its just near the Kidapawan Terminal in near the heart of the city.. See you on my next post....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Kidapawan Adventure Part 2

Guns and Roses!

I am now in Kidapawan City, a day earlier than our training schedule. There was not much to do except to let the day pass by and just relax. But our coordinator had something different in mind. By 10 in the morning they pick us up from our humble abode so that we can go on firing. Yes, their usual hobby… Our host Dr. Abejo and his wife Mam Sonia are avid shooters, including their children. They usually spent time going to the firing range from time to time.

So we proceeded to a firing range in a Military Camp stationed in Makilala, just a few kilometres drive from Kidapawan City.

Upon arrival, our able and energetic coordinator wasted no time preparing the gears and setting up the target as I set up the camera to capture this special moment.

Along with us were some nurses who have joined our training before. This is their first time to shoot a weapon. I am sure that they are very much excited to do so.

Of course no firing is done without proper safety. So Sir Bong conducted a short safety briefing to our first time shooters. He fired a few rounds so that they can see what it is like.

After such, each of us took turns firing the weapon. If you have not fired yet, I'm telling you, firing is fun and tiring. It can also make you hungry. So after firing, we proceeded to a restaurant or shall I say carenderia which serves all kinds of dishes from goat meat. It was indeed a great adventure. We laid back to our room and was advised to rest.. I have a feeling that we are going for another adventure by the evening...

I will certainly update you on our evening adventure. Stay tuned.... But before I go, I would like to thank our Sir Bong for this wonderful adventure!!!