Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunsets and more!

I had the chance today to take some pictures in our area. Though it may not be that great but I guess its a good way to hone my skills. I went under the bridge connecting Cebu and Mactan and was able to take few pictures while the sun is about to set. The picture below is the 2nd Mactan-Mandaure Bridge. Taken from down below.

While I was there, I also took a picture of the old bridge. The picture above is actually the new one connecting Cebu and Mactan. Here is the picture of the old bridge from my end.

I guess it really matter much the lighting condition. I am sure that if I took it on a noon time, the effect would not be like the ones I have posted here. Well, here are some other sunset pictures I have taken the previous day in a different location.

Well that's it for now. I am still new in the world of photography. There are still many things to learn. I hope to develop this skill and present great pictures later on. For the meantime, I will just have to be satisfied with the pictures above.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A day in Kawasan Falls

I had the chance to visit Kawasan Falls and was able to take some pictures. If in case you have not visited the place, perhaps these pictures will make you decide to go there.

The pictures above is not the main falls but just some of the d small streams of water within the area. Going to Kawasan is very easy. All you need to do is go to the South Bus Terminal and take a bus (Ceres) heading for Badian. Its actually a 3 hour ride by bus and 2 hours ride by private vehicle if you wish to go there. Once you reach Badian proper, you go continue moving until you reach Matutinao. You will not miss the place since you can easily ask any resident in the area for directions. If you take a bus, then just advise the bus driver that you wish to disembark in Kawasan.

This is the main falls (First Falls) in Kawasan. There are actually two main waterfall in the area. You can even reach the source. Cottages are available for overnight stay and the place is very safe.

This is the entry towards the main falls..... so what do you think? Just bear in mind that you need to walk around 15-20 minutes from the main road before reaching the heart of Kawasan Falls, but I'm sure its worth every step.....

Friday, November 4, 2011

Pictorial Practice November 4, 2011

Due to the long holiday, I had the chance to bring out my camera and do some practice shots. The picture below is a restaurant (under renovation) in Day-as, Cordova, Cebu Province. Picture was taken during sunset.

I have read a book that one of the important things to consider in photography is a "Good Light" This is usually a few minutes before and after sunrise and a few minuter before and after sunset. I guess, what I have read is clearly true. Look at the difference on the picture below. I did not change any setting for both. All I did was take the picture a during sunset and a few minutes before sunset... you could clearly see the difference.

Looking forward to my next pictorial practice... See you around guys!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Shooting Video

Just adding up to our shooting adventure. A video was taken yet I was not able to load it here. So here's the video:

Not to be outdone, here is my buddy Leo,

Well, I am back in Cebu right now and will be in Cagayan by next week. Hope to be able to take some photos from there....

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Night In Kidapawan's Grand Ficus Hotel

restaurant at Ficus Hotel

If you have been following my blog, you will surely know that I am now in Kidapawan and my previous post was the firing activity that we did. Well, though I have posted this late, after the firing activity, we stayed in our room to relax and wait for evening to come. I would have wanted to sleep, but I do not have the habit of sleeping in the afternoon. So by 3 in the afternoon, I took my favorite snacks.. a cup of coffee outside my room.

Truly Kidapawan City always have this normal drizzle of rain usually in the afternoon, most of time. It might be because of the trees in the area that always provide the cooling effect within the surrounding. I took a couple of shots on some nearby flowers and plants, just to see if I have improved my picture taking abilities... this is what I got... well, whether you like the picture or not, it truly proves that the drizzle was there proving once again that Kidapawan City is obviously cool.

So evening came, we proceeded to Grand Ficus Hotel where we had our dinner in one of the cottages near the poolside. The place is eventually great and is indeed a good place to relax and unwind...

rooms at Ficus Hotel

one of the cottage near the swimming pool

the swimming pool

the restaurant... a closer look

Well, If you happen to pass by Kidapawan and would want to stay, you can surely check out the place. Its just near the Kidapawan Terminal in near the heart of the city.. See you on my next post....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Kidapawan Adventure Part 2

Guns and Roses!

I am now in Kidapawan City, a day earlier than our training schedule. There was not much to do except to let the day pass by and just relax. But our coordinator had something different in mind. By 10 in the morning they pick us up from our humble abode so that we can go on firing. Yes, their usual hobby… Our host Dr. Abejo and his wife Mam Sonia are avid shooters, including their children. They usually spent time going to the firing range from time to time.

So we proceeded to a firing range in a Military Camp stationed in Makilala, just a few kilometres drive from Kidapawan City.

Upon arrival, our able and energetic coordinator wasted no time preparing the gears and setting up the target as I set up the camera to capture this special moment.

Along with us were some nurses who have joined our training before. This is their first time to shoot a weapon. I am sure that they are very much excited to do so.

Of course no firing is done without proper safety. So Sir Bong conducted a short safety briefing to our first time shooters. He fired a few rounds so that they can see what it is like.

After such, each of us took turns firing the weapon. If you have not fired yet, I'm telling you, firing is fun and tiring. It can also make you hungry. So after firing, we proceeded to a restaurant or shall I say carenderia which serves all kinds of dishes from goat meat. It was indeed a great adventure. We laid back to our room and was advised to rest.. I have a feeling that we are going for another adventure by the evening...

I will certainly update you on our evening adventure. Stay tuned.... But before I go, I would like to thank our Sir Bong for this wonderful adventure!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Night at the Mactan Shrine


I have traveled to different places and have posted pictures I have taken here in this blog of mine. Yet I have not posted anything about my place. Just today, I went to the Mactan Shrine and had the chance to take some pictures of the place.

The Mactan Shrine is such a historical Place. This according to history, was the place where Lapu-lapu and Magellan happened.

park @ mactan shrine

The Picture above shows Lapu-lapu at the far end overlooking the sea, watching as if Magellan will ever come again. During the battle, Magellan was killed. The event happened sometime on the year 1521. Well, that was long ago, the place right now is a very beautiful site to view and stroll around. It has become a tourist attraction.

As I sit down and let the time pass by, I could not help but take another shot, as I see the moon on top of the shrine. I could have taken a better view, but the gates were locked. From what I understand, it has always been locked to prevent people from climbing up for safety reasons... Well, I will just have to be satisfied with the pictures above....

One more thing, if you get tired walking, there are a lot of Sutukil restaurants very near the shrine. It has also become a haven for people who want to eat seafoods at its best... Check it out when you visit Mactan, Lapu-lapu City.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Butterfly on my finger....


I had the chance of visiting the crocodile farm in Davao City, if you are familiar with the place, you certainly know that it also has a butterfly garden... Above is a picture that I have taken in the butterfly garden... Quite ironic, visiting the crocodile farm and taking pictures of a butterfly, but i think its rather easy to have a butterfly on the finger than having a picture of a finger bitten by a crocodile... don't you think so." Till my next post.. be safe always and keep taking those pics...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It has been a while since I have not updated this blog. I have been very busy lately and was not able to take some pictures worth posting. I brought a friend of mine to dive in Mactan, I to wanted to dive but simply cannot do so since I have to fly for a scheduled training the following day..... Well, It was still a time well spent just staring at the sea and the sky.... I was able to take some pictures....

There is nothing really special about the pictures but for me, the sky and the sea is really a beautiful site to watch. Its like a painting always in the making...

God is indeed a great artist....

I hope to be able to take more pictures and publish it here on my blog... I also wish to learn more about photography so I can deliver wonderful pictures for all to see... See yah guys!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Place Called Eden once Again

Its a bird! Its a plane? Nope, that's my buddy Leo, enjoying the moment. It seems that the place will bring back the youth in everyone.

We took some snacks prior to our tour and along with us is our host Dr. Abejo and Mam Sonia who was kind enough to accompany us from Kidapawan all the way to Eden.

I was also able to see the foods that were displayed in their buffet. There were plenty of choices and from what I heard, the vegetables, herbs and spices served and used are grown in Eden, all organic. Unfortunately, when I took the picture, it was time for lunch and many people were around the table. Rest assured however that there are plenty of choices and the foods are great tasting....

Should you wish to stay in the area, rooms are also available for accommodation. I was able to take a picture on some of their cottages by the trees...

I wonder how it feels like to stay in the cottages. The place is very cool even when its around 12 noon. It will most likely be very cold and relaxing. An added plus is the view of Davao..... The picture below is glimpse of what you see just outside the cottage.

Well, I think this is long enough... well just have to post the rest of the pictures on my next publishing... Best always!

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Place Called EDEN in Davao

Well, after our Kidapawan experience, we proceeded to Davao City for our flight back to Cebu. But prior to the airport, our host decided to drop by in the place called EDEN.....

I was wondering why its called EDEN.. check the pictures and you will surely know the reason why...

The area actually is a mountain resort and from what I understand, is 90 percent man made. We were directed to the reception area to book ourselves a day tour. The tour comes with snacks or even lunch depending on what you avail.

Shortly after our arrival, we paid for a standard tour with snacks and while waiting for our schedule went to the souvenir shop.

I had fun taking pictures during the area. As you may know, I am a nature lover and scenes like these is heaven fro me....

So our tour started and it took around 45 minutes. The resort had this vehicle which will bring you to the different areas for the tour. Watch for it on my next post.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fire Your Heart Out!

Just before leaving Kidapawan, We had the chance to try out a new experience...

Not to be outdone... my buddy Leo also fired some rounds....

What do you think? Do we have a chance on shooting competitions?

Well guys that's all for now.. We have to leave and head for Davao to catch our flight to Cebu...

Kidapawan the Second Time Around

Once again, we traveled back to Kidapawan for another round of training. Prior to reaching the City, we did a stop over on one of their nature resort. Ahh, another relaxing experience. Even the view gives you a cooling and soothing feeling right away! See the pictures below and see for yourself....