Friday, September 5, 2014

Unforgettable Iloilo

I had the pleasure of visiting Iloilo City through the efforts of my friends who visited Cebu City a few months back taking the EMT course. It was indeed an unforgettable experience.I was actually invited to speak about BLS-CPR topic as well as ECG Interpretation to a group of nursing graduates in preparation for their upcoming nursing board exam. Along the sideline, I was able to take pictures of some wonderful sites in the city.

If your an early riser, a great place to be would the Esplanade, this is a project of the city government which is located along the riverside in an effort to make the river clean. It is some sort of a board walk where people can jog, walk and exercise. Some establishments and settlers in the riverside where relocated and replaced with these bricks and ornaments. It's like a walk in the park....

Because of this, the Iloilo river has made a name for itself as among the cleanest river in the Philippines.



Iloilo City is a place of many old Spanish Houses. I am assuming that during the early times, a lot of Spanish settlers resided in the city. Old churches can also be found like this one on the left, the Molo Church

The cathedral is Jaro is also another old church where you can find the Our Lady of the Candles,
"Nuestra SeƱora de la Purificacion y Candelaria"

Inside the Cathedral

Candles inside the Cathedral

Fronting the Cathedral is the Bell Tower. They was erected way back during the war to warn people of bombing raids conducted by the Japanese in the area.

 While in Iloilo, don't forget to try the Lapaz Batchoy. I am sure that you have heard about the origin of this famous batchoy. Yes, I did try it and I surely agree that is one of the best.... But I tell you there are many other delicious foods that Iloilo can offer which will surely fill your taste buds.

I wish to thank my friends who made my stay an unforgettable one and for making me feel at home. Surely I will be back.... and that is a promise.

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