Sunday, November 20, 2011

A day in Kawasan Falls

I had the chance to visit Kawasan Falls and was able to take some pictures. If in case you have not visited the place, perhaps these pictures will make you decide to go there.

The pictures above is not the main falls but just some of the d small streams of water within the area. Going to Kawasan is very easy. All you need to do is go to the South Bus Terminal and take a bus (Ceres) heading for Badian. Its actually a 3 hour ride by bus and 2 hours ride by private vehicle if you wish to go there. Once you reach Badian proper, you go continue moving until you reach Matutinao. You will not miss the place since you can easily ask any resident in the area for directions. If you take a bus, then just advise the bus driver that you wish to disembark in Kawasan.

This is the main falls (First Falls) in Kawasan. There are actually two main waterfall in the area. You can even reach the source. Cottages are available for overnight stay and the place is very safe.

This is the entry towards the main falls..... so what do you think? Just bear in mind that you need to walk around 15-20 minutes from the main road before reaching the heart of Kawasan Falls, but I'm sure its worth every step.....

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